Glazing clay is one of the oldest techniques to decorate products of everyday life.
The process of firing transforms the liquid suspension of metal oxides and powdered minerals
into various glass-like surface-finishes.
For the „ceramic-tables“ different liquid glazes pool and mix together under the influence of rotation and blown air to leave traces of fluid movement and smoke-like patterns which are solidified in the heat of the kiln.




The patterns resemble satellite pictures of our earth, showing meandering rivers and snow covered mountains tops. In this project the theme is that a fluid material becomes rigid, the movement of liquids are ‘frozen in time’. In this sense the surface functions as still frame in a therefore moving strain of actions. It can be understood as an allegory of a personal archive of memories individually preserved through the remembrance of tiny variations and imperfections, bubbles and cracks in the surface.




The "ceramic-tables" are available in three different sizes, each tabletop is unique.