fashion projects

The following projects show collaborations with fashion-designers or fashion-labels. The focus of these projects is the study of the material wooden-textile in combination with the moving body. The garements can be seen as experimental, sculptural pieces or show-pieces.


sruli recht: lo/rez

Faceted wooden clothing

The simplified disastery of polygonal geometry - breaking the body down into a pixelated memoryTo transform wood into a flexible wooden surface, by dark digital art, a cell-phone whispered soft binary code to a walnut tree seed for a year, then planted it in the ashes of a glacier.
Once grown, the wood is deconstructed into pieces, and then attached to a textile base, creating a material that is half wood, half textile, and completely fragmentary.

photos by Sruli Recht

Nadine evelyn welches

The center of this projet is the herringbone pattern. The wooden-textile is enhancing some parts of the garments which turn into sculptural silhpuettes.

photos by Nadine Evelyn Welches


Customized Wooden Textiles for the brazilian fahion-label Maria Bonita.

photos by Maria Bonita

lea peckre

The collaborationon with french designer Lea Peckre results into a knight's armor-like wooden dress.
photo by Lea Peckre